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Auto Glass & Windshield Service Warranty

Ram Auto Glass's Lifetime Warranty

How does your warranty work?

Most related issues will become apparent within 90 days after the work is done; hence most auto glass shops/companies offer at least 90 days of warranty coverage.

At Ram Auto Glass, because we are absolutely confident about the quality of our work, we are offering our customers a Lifetime Warranty and 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on our workmanship and the work completed to be free from material defects.

Two types of warranties that we covered

1. Repair work

It is very rare, but it does happen when the chipped or cracked that we worked on came back in the same place. Because as best as we or any other auto glass technicians tried, our fix won’t bring back 100% the strength and the integrity of the glass like the original. In this case, if it is not repairable and you want to replace the glass for your safety, we will deduct the repair cost from the replacement cost of the new glass.

2. Replacement work

After we are done with the job, and you have waited for the 30 mins drive-away time, we advise that you do the following:
a. Take the car out to the highway to check for any wind noise of air leaks, or any other rattling noises.
b. Take the car to the carwash because the high-pressure water gun will reveal any water leakage.

If there is an issue found, please give us a call at (647) 892-4819, and we will fix it at no charge.

*Please note:
Make sure that no one else attempts to repair or repair any of the damages before coming to us. Thank you.