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Auto Glass & Windshield Service FAQs

Below are the most valuable asked questions from our customers in the past

What kind of glass are you using to replace my broken glass with?

We only use glass that passes DOT (Department of Transportation) safety standards to ensure that you are getting premium quality glass that fits best and is the safest.

What kind of warranties do you have?

We offer a lifetime warranty against any water and air leaks on all the work that was completed.

What type of sealant are you using to keep my windshield secure?

With certifications from DOT industries we only use the best sealants that are crash tested to ensure occupants inside the vehicle are safe and that the windshield stays in place in the event of an accident.

How long does it take to replace my windshield?

It typically takes an hour to complete the replacement plus another 30 minutes for the drive-away time. This is to ensure the glass stays in place and maintains structural intergrity.

Are you able to cover new my windshield cost if I decide to go through insurance?

We deal directly with your insurance provider to deliver a stress free experience by dealing with all the behind the scenes paperwork.

Do you cover my auto insurance deductible if I have one?

Yes, we can cover up to $500.00 on your deductible on your replacement claim. We always strike to put more money back into your pocket.